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Host Alys Crocker recently discussed her past experiences working alongside George Stroumboulopoulos, The Soundcheck Sessions audition and more with

The Lindsay Post Interviews Hometown Host Alys Crocker

Lindsay, ON native and host of The Soundcheck Sessions Alys Crocker, discusses the upcoming live music web series with The Lindsay Post. Click HERE to read the article.

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Producer/director Ryan Noel of the upcoming live music web series The Soundcheck Sessions recently discussed the evolution of the series, his inspiration and what bands you could potentially see play on it with

New Review From

Sometimes it's the no-budget films that are more funny and striking compared to the blockbusters that Hollywood has to offer. The Notorious Newman Brothers is one of these films. Continue Reading...

Rogue Cinema Digs The Newman Bros... Again!

To celebrate the DVD and digital download release of "The Notorious Newman Brothers", Josh Samford of Rogue Cinema recently updated his 2009 review of the film. Once again he is a huge fan (and rightfully so), saying things like it's "a ridiculously silly and raucously funny faux-documentary" and "one of the funniest comedies". I'd say he's inline to become an honourary Newman Brother!

The Man-Cave Loves The Newmans!

Looks like another reviewer has been blown away by the notoriousness of The Notorious Newman Brothers, no friggin' surprise really, but what gives the review a little extra parmesan is that fact he's Italian, just like the Newmans! Geof Capodanno of The Man-Cave called the film "one giant laugh fest" and "nothing short of amazing" - Mamma Mia!! Now read the whole damn review yourself you lazy f**ks!

Screw Antagony this Review is Pure Ecstasy!

Warning: this review has a lot of large words in it. If Tim Brayton of "Antagony & Ecstasy" wasn't so damn insightful in this tits review he'd definitely be risking the wrath of TC and Paulie, as they were forced to go to the dictionary on more than one occasion to make sure he wasn't disrespecting them or the movie... nobody makes The Notorious Newman Brothers feel stupid, nobody!! Fortunately for Tim it was very respectful - because he knew TC and Paulie can be very, very "pernicious"! Now go check out this great review where he says the film is "frequently hilarious and never less than very intelligent" - yeah, that's right, intelligent!

We're Not Eclectic, We're Notorious!

TC and Paulie have no friggin' clue what 'eclectic' means, but after reading the review by Greg Woods of The Eclectic Screening Room we're pretty sure it means AWESOME. This guy totally gets what we're doing and is no slouch in the writing department... now go check out this eclectic review HERE. And we're not desperate, we're doing real well... real well!!

Live on CIUT 89.5 FM - Wednesday, June 24th at 9:10am

Tune in tomorrow morning as the Newmans shoot the shit about the film on Take 5 at CIUT 89.5 FM with David Peterson. He best be in fine form as TC and Paulie may just snap if he isn't prepared... and that could make for some interesting radio!! Listen HERE online.

"Profane, Insane and All-Terrain" - BEST REVIEW, BAR NONE!

J.C. Masek III, aka The World's Greatest Critic, pretty much blew his load watching The Notorious Newman Brothers where he says "I can't even tell you the extent of the great lines in this film" and "if it comes to a film festival near you, don't miss it" - you've got to read it to believe it! AND it just so happens The Newman Bros are premiering this FRIDAY, June 26th here in Toronto! So read the review, go to the movie and then touch our guns! **Caution Spoilers Ahead**

A DAMN fine review to start Festival Week!

Boom! Is there a better way to roll into our "Premiere Week" than another bad ass review? We don't think so!! Now do yourself a favour and check out what Daniel Damnation of TSA Webzine had to say about The Notorious Newman Brothers... here's a taster to get the juices flowing: "the characters Paulie and Thunderclap made me laugh my ass off throughout this film". Hey wait a minute, he was laughing at us?? That dirty picklestabber needs a little visit after all...

Now This is a GREAT Review!

Whoa! Tony DeFrancisco of Film Arcade probably couldn't be a bigger fan than he already is of The Notorious Newman Brothers. This guy friggin' loved the movie so much, Thunderclap and Paulie are thinking of allowing him to take us out for a nice traditional Italian meal at a fine ristorante, his treat (because of the honour), and then letting him kick the shit out of Max - something a true fan like Tony D would appreciate. Now check out the review where he says "those guys are fan-fucking-tastic in their roles" and the movie is "so good you'll want to watch it more than once".


We sat down a couple weeks ago and did an interview with Jude Klassen of Movie Entertainment - a pretty cool broad who isn't afraid of getting down and dirty when it comes to a little chitty chat....just the way we like it! Now listen in as we tell you everything, reveal nothing and are "prone to raunchiness"... nobody prones us, nobody!

In the "Realm of Brilliantly Creative"

Once again, beware of spoilers in this nice review from James Wegg of "Rotten Tomatoes" - these guys, I tell ya!! Bottom line: he said "The Notorious Newman Brothers" was in the "realm of brilliantly creative"... which is a very good thing because we could easily enter the realm of cockpunching him otherwise!

"Toronto Jay" Interview Now Up!

Why listen to the radio when you can watch it! Check out the "Toronto Jay" interview with Ryan Noel, Brett Butler and Jason Butler of "The Notorious Newman Brothers".

Listen Live to the Newman Brothers and Max!

Paulie, Thunderclap and the half-man Max will be doing a podcast tomorrow (Friday, May 29) at 2:00pm on "Toronto Jay". Also on board is the Festival Director, Shannonn Kelly, of ReelHeART International Film Festival - lucky her! Anyway, you all best be listening at 2:00pm because Paulie and TC will be testing you later - for loyalty purposes!

It's A Sin... much Chip Parton of Sins of Cinema enjoyed The Notorious Newman Brothers. This Parton fella is clearly very loyal or very intimidated by us. Either way, it means we got a great review where he says "this film is utterly of the funniest movies of the year!" and gave the flick a 9 out of 10. Being loyal ourselves, you better check out the review or we'll crack your skulls!

Hollywood is Talking - And We'll Allow Them to Speak...

...because it's a pretty damn good review! Once again another reviewer has managed to avoid some serious repercussion by giving us the good word. "Charisma, energy and charm propel the film along" says Hollywood is Talking and they wisely recommend having a beer or two before watching. Now that is a savvy review. Not so savvy: there are a couple spoilers in the review...these guys just can't help themselves - perhaps some repercuss action is in order after all!

"One of the FUNNIEST features I've come across."

F**kin' rights it is!! Josh Samford of Rogue Cinema, the very savvy individual that he is, enjoyed the sh*t out of The Notorious Newman Brothers where he said "overall it's a hilarious and bizarre look at the gangster-film pastiche" - savvy indeed. Great looking out Josh, any hits you need done... you know where to call.

Our Crude Charm and Great Chemistry = Apatow

It took awhile, but we're now three for three with reviews! Dan Stasiewski of The Film Chair was a HUGE fan of The Notorious Newman Brothers. Describing the flick as a "joy to watch" he thought we were "just like the Apatow gang". CLICK HERE for the full meal deal on how our "crude charm and great chemistry" saved him from a knuckle sangwich!

Canuxploitation Digs the Newmans!

Our second review has arrived and lucky for Paul Corupe of Canuxploitation it's a good one! Calling The Notorious Newman Brothers "genuinely funny" with an "off-the-cuff charm". We definitely won't be taking a bite out of his cheek anytime soon. CLICK HERE for the full review!

The Buzz Has Begun!

It's official. Jim Magovern of Talking Moviezzz is our first partner in crime, giving us a great REVIEW where he said the flick had him "laughing harder than in many recent Hollywood films" - f**kin' rights. Thanks Jim!


Toronto Jay Show Interview

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